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Added Jan 27, 2022

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From darkness to light.

Added Oct 7, 2021

There is a subject that seems important to me to approach and that is taking slowing  the form of a collection : from darkness to light.
We are going through difficult times socially and on a soul level. Our freedoms and our habits, what seemed to us acquired are shaken by appealing to fear.
Our common job should be to transmute this fear. Because fear is not part of who we really are. But here we are constantly faced with this dilemma. So we can curl up hoping that it doesn't affect us too much and wait for it to pass or we can use it as a trampoline to sublimate ourselves and radiate our true essence which is strength and love.

If we stop our minds and do some silence we can all find at least one moment in our life where we were aligned, incredibly true, strong and at peace.
Maybe in childhood, maybe when our child was born, maybe when we accomplished something we really cared about. It wasn't a dream or another me. We can all contact this emotion and multiply it.
This is our real duty.
So even in the darkest times the light spreads from darkness bringing truth and finding her place. We find our place.
Good job to you.


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Making his own colors

Added Sep 21, 2021

For years an idea has challenged me several times: to make my own colors but I had never dared to give it a go for several reasons.
At the moment I decided to do the experience.

Because making your colors also means living this part of the process, following your intuition, it's building even before being in front of your blank canvas (or another support). 

For me it represents one more brick in the journey. 

In the end, I imagine myself looking in nature, when I can find the resources, the raw material. 

For the moment I am starting very small with what has been lying around in my studio for quite a while. 

There is a meaning : avoid to waiste , not accumulate.
Even if any artist feels transported by the enchanting appeal of what can be found in a fine art store.


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Travel and balance

Added Sep 16, 2021

Working on what I call "Soul Road Map" is a real journey.

Each artwork is a journey.
But this process is even more of a discovery that may well never have an end. It's a bit like peeling an onion and always uncovering a new layer over and over again. So we must maintain even more balance because the work carries this law within itself.
Not to overwork, to have to stop to continue the journey on another stretch of the road.

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Recycling and essential

Added Sep 8, 2021

Hello there!
it's been a long time since last time I wrote.
I've the intention to write on the blog on a more regular basis. We'll see if I can stick to it ;-)
(In the meantime you can also follow me on social networks, especially Instagram)
Do you know that I am very sensitive to recycling? Some of my works (especially small and sometimes medium size) are painted on recycled shipping boxes. Often.

Beyond the very important ecological aspect there is also a deeper need to go to the essential and recycling also allows me to embody this quest in the every day life.
I found this in my studio. A background that I had made a while ago behind a pizza box, as a test.
In resonance with recycling, there is in my work and my daily life this idea of "using what is around".
And this also applies to older unfinished artworks lying around in the studio. So I will use it and see what I make out of it.

To be continued :-)

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A question of style

Added Jun 21, 2021


I share some thoughts with you after quite a while.
We talk "abstract".
About two months ago I made the decision (and take the courage) to work on my themes, the emotions, the subtle aspects that I observe without necessarily using a recognizable figure.
It goes in the direction of giving more strength to my intuition and an openness to different way of readings.
I already see two major things :

- the presence must be relentless, to be able to follow the intuition, but it is not simple at all, we're usually not too well trained for this kind of things

- This is a high precision exercise. You put a line, a brushstroke where it shouldn't be, you over-work it ... it can definitely be screwed up with no possibility of return.

Catching up in the figurative is possible, as far as I'm concerned, in the gesture it's another story.
On the other hand, the style is a "freeze frame" of where we are at a given moment.

Don't get me wrong here , I said "where we are" not "who we are".
Who we are is the common thread of a lifetime.

Style is just a way. And too bad for maniacs' label


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Sisterhood 1 & 2 (Aceo cards)

Added Oct 18, 2020

They are born from the same egg

They have developed independently

Are they sisters who look alike?

Are they two sides of the same woman?

Are they night and day?

Are they the darker and more mysterious side and the brighter and more joyous side?

I create an aceo card every day, this was the surprise gift thanks to yesterday's card which was late


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Added Oct 7, 2020

Exposition collective le "Mois de la femme artiste" 

Octobre rose 2020


Added May 14, 2020

As part of mutual assistance between artists during the lockdown Artmajeur created the #artistsupportpledge initiative. So I put on sale works not exceeding 200 euros.
These works will go back their original price this Sunday, May 17


Indian thoughts (290)

Lilith and the elephant (450)

Inspiration comes from everywhere (450)

My place in the world (430)

Between two worlds (280)

Moonwalk (250)


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Thoughts (poetry?) at coronavirus' times #3

Added Apr 23, 2020

There are those for whom this period is an acceleration of a process that has already begun

There are those for whom this is a great moment of discovery and revelation

There are those who can finally escape

There are those who strongly resist the changements  
There are those who suffer from claustrophobia

There are those that sometimes really need to be alone

There are those that build catastrophic scenarios for the after virus

There are those who are afraid

There are those who keep observing 

There will be those that in the good or bad will sail between the waves

There will be those that will roll up their sleeves before adjusting to new events

There will be those who will complain and panic

There are those who are in a hurry to put the word "end" but fading exists only in the cinema

It won't be like before and it won't be like now

There will be those who will embrace the world more with their gaze

And they will establish relationships and connections

They will not think of before and after

They too will have dark moments of despair

In some moments they will be mistreated by the winds and the rain

But then like water lilies, which have their roots deep in the mud they will find their center again


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