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Birthday forty six

Added Jun 20, 2019

Today I officially have a foot closer to the fifties .... I must admit that I'm experiencing a bit of concern.
As if I was going to start the second part of a circle with a strong sensation or premonition that triggers in me all kinds of thoughts. On life, on our journey, the body's changements, the relationships around us ..... the highlights go especially for the relationships. If we still have our parents for example (this is my case), if we have children, a life (or part of life) companion ....
Sometimes I admit it's a bit painful. This is probably the reason why I often live this day by being a little off and feeling strange. Neither bad or happy, definitely intense.
It's that my birth's souvenir every time ?

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The containers DEUX ..... apparently mess

Added Jun 12, 2019

The containers DEUX ..... apparently mess / chaos

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Containers two, painting's process , what's the story about it

Added Jun 9, 2019

There is the deep need to put things out , to drop them somewhere without ignoring them but not dragging them neither on my back !
I think, I speak and I manage with three languages ...

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Container progress

Added Jun 6, 2019

Very often it starts like this....

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Added Jun 6, 2019

When you know your true soul the wind won't make you tumble again.(cit Me ;-) )

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Between life and a painting

Added May 29, 2019

I often make the link of working on a painting with life with thoughts and ups and downs.
Building a painting is a process that goes through a lot of steps, this one is particularly rich
I'm actually preparing a video to tell it at least part of it
In the meantime, it will be available in advance as a special offer for my private contacts before being published on the new gallery because I think it will be the first of a collection named "The containers"
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The "containers"

Added May 13, 2019

Do you know the feeling when you want to get rid of something ? Get rid of a behavior that for you it is a problem, a toxic person in your life, an obsessive thought, a heavy memory, others (fill de dots) ......?
It is in this state of mind that I started this painting (still in progress by the way ).
It started with jet-written sentences scribbled on pieces of paper.
A title that turns me constantly in the head since I work on it and maybe even before it is "The containers" ("The containers")
For this painting in particular but I think it could be also a collection's title.
One thing in common with "sketches" is that here too there is some recycling. In fact I work on the back of a canvas that has remained long time in a corner of the workshop.
To be continued ;-)

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Spécial expo 27 avril - 2 mai à Peypin (13)

Added Apr 26, 2019

Vernissage en vu demain pour cette expo dédié à la femme que je ne pouvais pas rater !

En exposition "Between the worlds" et six femmes qui font partie d'un projets de cartes que j’espère seront publié dans les mois à venir (à suivre!)
Ces six compagnes (elles sont treize en tout) ont fait leur premiere sortie ensemble pour l'occasion ;-)
Si jamais vous passez par là demain ou dans les jours à venir faite-le moi savoir, merci!


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Sketch why? # 5 "Other dimensions"

Added Apr 23, 2019

In my quest for "what I'm doing here in this world" and in the context of personal development  work that can lead to a jump of consciousness I ask myself this question.

About "what before" but also "what after" .

Of course there is the fear of death speaking, because in this part of the world we generally do not have a good relationship with this matter.

Aside everyone's beliefs we do not talk too much about that and often, for me anyway, we live it through as a loss that can thorn us apart.

And yet the consciousness of "all does not stop with the death of this physical body" for me speaks loud. It's even obvious I would say natural without knowing how to explain it. It DOES FEEL RIGHT.
That's how I got closer and closer to the evidence of other dimensions ' existence, an argument which fascinates me and which I will go deeper into later

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Sketch why? # 4 Behind the face (behind the mask)

Added Apr 19, 2019

"The face behind"

For this sketch my first idea was the sadness behind the mask. This state makes me more vulnerable since I have a hard time accepting it and is more difficult share it with others.

I usually tell myself that wearing a mask is not something that I do but in reality it is not obvious.Often the state behind this is anger. It's easier than to confess my sadness.
Because sadness often has deep roots that it's not always easy to dig.

Sadness is often linked to loneliness and to the question to love ourselves, something that we talk about it a lot but we don't know necessarily how to realize it. Something that is hard to see .
At the opposite of loneliness are the others: parents, companions or husbands/wifes, friends, children, etc.
Whenever we expect others to make us "less alone" we make a mistake because it can't work like that, it is an illusion.

Of course, others are important as well as relationships, loves, exchanges. But can we depend on that? We often confuse these things (me first) .
In the end, it is not because we have other people in our lives that we can forget to love ourselves, to be faithful to ourselves, to know our essence and to make our journey.

The others are those that can walk with us but our path remains our way. If they go away (temporarily or forever) can we abandon our journey, our essence and move away from ourselves until we get lost ? 

And if these people follow their path close to ours but they are further behind or haead ? Should we prevent ourselves from continuing?
To bring ourselves closer to our true essence and to accept the state in which we are actually in is part of a not-obvious process, and yet it is the first thing that stands up when we deal with others and with the rest of world. And for me this is quite fundamental.
If we wait for the discomfort to end, we have not dug enough in ourselves and we forget to find out and ask ourselves what we are looking for outside.

Sadness can be used to make us understand this, to move forward. This process is not yet easy for me this is where all this thinking process got started . Behind it is in fact me.
To be continued ...

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