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Added Sep 12, 2019

C'est demain, ├ędition 2019 ;-)

Mimet (FR - 13)

About Lilith

Added Sep 6, 2019

It's not easy here at the moment.
It's not always obvious to keep the right warrior attitude when you're scratching the bottom, or to work on a regular basis every day on a painting, even if everything that's going in life is in fact part of working on it.
So I wondered why the name of Lilith?
Not all know (me neither) that she was the first Adam's wife created with the same Earth it was build.

She did rebel to him  because she didn't want to submit and despite the reminder of the Divine she never agreed to return to Eden.
I assimilate Lilith to the insubordinate warrior (regarding her birth because the rest of her path is described as quite demoniac).

She represents as well the feminine element complementary and equal to the masculine.
And to say once again that nothing come random in life I consider that there is a reason why she has appeared now and also why she's so difficult to work on...
To be continued

Container three ....Lilith and the elephant ? (temporary title)

Added Sep 2, 2019

I realized, with a bit of surprise I admit, that I didn't post for a month.
This month was intense concerning the internal work and because of that I have several paintings in progress
So here I am again presenting this detail of one of the paintings in progress in the collection of The Containers 
As often I have a title that comes into my head which is : "Lilith and the elephant." And as I do not believe in chance .....
To be continued , speak you soon!


Containers two

Added Aug 5, 2019

I just finished (more less) the second painting which I consider to be part of the collection "The containers"
Here some detail, the picture will be published in a few days.
I just started the third one of this collection and then un unpleasant thought came through about the format . At the moment the first three of the series have the same one (46 x 55 cm). Basically it is about canvas' recovery.

I work indeed on the back of a canvas which previously served and that remained unfinished in my studio for a while.

My first automatic reflex  was to try to stay on the same format. And then, very slightly and not without difficulty I must say (it's funny!) I told myself that I had the right to use different canvases and test other formats ....
I do not want to block myself or sabote me out, the limit is sometimes quite vicious and thin.
How many small mechanisms like that play every day in us?
And yet among the reasons for this collection there is precisely the letting go, the recognition's work  but also the let it go of emotions that we do not necessarily want to drag with us.

They have the right to exist they do not do not have the rights to parasite us.
There is also a desire to break out the lines, the borders that I like a lot for an aesthetic reason but which also take sometimes a different sense .... to explore. It starts precisely with this second painting in search of title and its reference to the mosaic on form of collage ... To be continued

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Added Jul 31, 2019

"Emptiness" it's a small painting that I just finished during my holidays in Corsica
I needed emptiness. It's very common. The challenge is to be able to do it all the time when necessary because our very useful mind tends to take all the place even when its presence is not useful or required.
This void can be scary at least for me it is. Because I have the intuition that in this so beneficial emptiness there is my ultimate essence .... or first. There is no social status, there is no "I", there are no opinions, there are no roles ... not even the artist's role . One can misunderstand and believe that it is the big NOTHING when in fact it is the big EVERYTHING.
But it's true that it can give you vertigo, you have to tame it.
I am lucky to have art in my life as a tool. There are others. I suggest you and I wish you to find yours. Meditation can be a tool, and just in this there are a lot of choices.

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Healing the world and Exhibition (France)

Added Jul 28, 2019

"Healing the world" was created in 2017. He also represents a shift's begin in my work.
We are educated to believe that everything begins and ends here and in our physical body on this earth.
Personally I've never been able to believe that We arrive by random chance from nothingness and that in the end we just disappear forever.
But in regard of this of course everyone believes what he wants.
But in any case, here and now, we carry a responsibility to ourselves and to our world. Because let's be honest: can we really be just in transit and not take responsibility?
And being responsible for us and our world is worth saying that we are against something? In theory to see how the world's going We could say that there is matter to it.
If we are not that much it means that we can't do anything .... It doesn't really make much sense.
Can we really look in the mirror and accept this fatality with a light heart?
What's the point of loving, making plans, having children, being happy or something else?
I believe that we are all responsible for ourselves and the energy that we let flow because everything is connected and that goes well beyond personal opinion. Ideas and believes may be important but it's really what defines us?
I am responsible for what I put in the world for it to evolve (and I do not refer here to the technological evolution).
And what I put in this world does not stop when my body is no longer there. It is up for everyone to find how to express this responsibility.

Currently this painting is part of a new local exhibition here in Mimet (France, 13): "Women in evolution" at the beauty institute "Pannonica" (meeting place of art and body where concerts and exhibitions are regularly organized).
Until August 19th.
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"In the deepest roots" (Woman tree) and Exhibition (France, 13)

Added Jul 24, 2019

"In the deepest roots" (Woman tree)
It is for me a glorious tribute that represents a first turning point in my artistic work (2017).
We are talking here about the magic of a new life that develops in the woman's body.

I have very often celebrated the mothers and the women because the physical, psychological and emotional work (just to mention three ) is enormous and fundamental and one should never forget it.
But every woman is a creative mother. This creative power is part of our nature. I often used the parallel with trees because the tree creates a connection between the earth and the sky.
I wanted to celebrate here the importance of the roots, to nourish and clean them so that they can carry us to the sky as well as recover the energy of the sky to bring it back to the earth. Because this energy that we are and of which we are part travels in both directions.
Currently this painting is part of a new local exhibition here in Mimet (France, 13): "Women in evolution" at the beauty institute "Pannonica" (meeting place of art and body where concerts and exhibitions are regularly organized).
Until August 19th.
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Divine Feminine nude and Exhibition (France, 13)

Added Jul 19, 2019

"Fragments of color" is the only mosaic I have done so far, but I don't think that it will remain the last one even if three years have passed since this one. 

I have a fascination with "slow" techniques like mosaic and pyrography that I have practiced more often, which is apparently in contrast with my first sight personality.

This one was part of the collection of four presenting the same back woman nude made with four different techniques. The others have already left (in the last few months, they all date from early 2015).

It was a celebration at the woman's body as inspiring muse in my work since ever.

It is at the moment part of a new local exhibition here in Mimet (France, 13): "Women in evolution" at the beauty institute "Pannonica" (place where art and body meet and where concerts and exhibitions are regularly organized)
This will be on until August 19th.

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In nature - Sketching why ? #8

Added Jul 17, 2019

In life there are apparently phases where we are more or less sensitive to certain aspects of things
I have always loved the green spaces, the sea, the trees. When I was a child I had my period where I did want be a veterinary .
But it's been a few years now since I really cherished the idea of hiding in a cave in the depths of a forest or so high on a mountain and too bad for shopping. And that I tolerate insects better despite everything.
On the one hand, my vision is a little broader, I think, I have woven other links and knowledge that push me to look behind, beyond the first impression, to find what is hidden and often essential.
This is the reason why aspects of nature come back regularly in my images. A reminder of the close and often forgotten links that we have with nature, an attempt to see behind the motives, the search for laws common to all creation to understand us better and move forward

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Training to observe - Sketching why ? #7

Added Jul 13, 2019

(Follows previous article)


As an artist, I can tell you this : days can become months and months years with a terrific ease.

And that this can happen to each of us for what we love the most.

Why ? Because the contact with the soul and with our true essence becomes fluid only with daily training, athletes understand me perfectly.

Because we need to renew our courage to look inside ourselves. Every time.

Because nothing is "forever", nothing remains unchanged and everything moves and transforms.

Artists are NEVER exempt from this thing and those who say the opposite they're lying.

We are all the same in this .

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