Gioia Albano

In the deepest roots (Woman tree) (2017)

60x45x0.5 cm ~ Peinture, Acrylique, Encre ~ Bois

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Glorious mixed media painting on wood with pyrography technique and mixed media acrylics,inks and marker pen.
Sublimated by glaze resin tick layer.
I'm very proud of this one because with few others of my latest work is kind of consolidating a turning point in my art work.
"In the deepest roots" is dedicated to the magic of a new life inside the woman body but also to life in general and how important roots may be. from my point of view if you're lucky enough to know your roots that's good, but you can also grown your own , linked to what you recognize and discover of your particular soul and nature.
The tree metaphor is recurrent in my work.

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