Gioia Albano

In my fire (2018) Vendu

7,9x7,9 in ~ Peinture, Acrylique


I introduce here a small format from early 2018 that I called "In my fire"
I realize a collection to apply for an exhibition.
It was a small format exhibition, no more than 20 x 20 cm and square format.
I wanted a thread for these paintings and I am attract for a theme that often repeats in my work related to the elements.
But the four elements we often refer to in this part of the world did not fit.
I looked for a different representation and I found those whose connotation is huge in Chinese culture: wood, fire, earth, metal and water.
For each element other reflections followed.
I wanted to talk about emotions and colors.
Fire is the theme for this one, love, passion, couple.
The forms of love can be endless.
In this moment of my life I am in a big questioning about that and how we are used to perceive it in our society.
But beyond any reflection and experience that are specific to everyone I wanted here to celebrate a moment, for me something that represents the aesthetics of love, and for that I chose a kiss.
There is very little definition in this table: two profiles, one hand.
Everything else wants to be movement and colors.
It goes in the direction of my research to combine these two aspects: definition and intuition, a challenge that has just defined in my work in a clearer way.
Even if certain elements can be recognized in a clear way I wanted to lose myself in the rest and leave this freedom to who looks, to follow the lines, the colors and to be transported by his own imagination and his own feeling.
This painting is part of a recent intention, precisely a challenge that has just defined and that is only at its beginning:
the cohabitation of two aspects that are apparently in contradiction.
One could say definition and interpretation.
Because it's a beginning I'm also curious to see where it's going to take me.

Technical info
It is a painting on canvas board that measures 20 cm by 20
We can hang it or put it near us
I used solvent inks and acrylic as well as felt pens and black pen.
Certain lines are relieved.
It is protected by a gloss varnish.
He does not fear the light and does not need a particular maintenance,
we just dust it off preferably with a soft feather duster

Ready to hang right out of package
Signed and dated on the back
Coa is provided

PLEASE NOTE : all computer screens vary in color hue, saturation, brightness and contrast, therefore your painting may slightly not look exactly like it does on your screen.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Thank you!

Gioia Albano © all rights reserved

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