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"Poetry is what happens when nothing else can"
                                               Charles Bukowski
Did you feel your body vibrate beyond any logical explanation?
Can you recognize this moment in yourself?

This is the soul's vibration.
A higher state of consciousness that we all carry within us.

My painting is vibratory, I translate the movements of the soul on the canvas.
A journey revealed by following the subtle thread of intuition.

Reasoning and rationalizing is useful in other situations but here it takes us elsewhere
Emotions, which are certainly worth living, are a human experience
but they are not our divine essence either.
A beautiful image
This state of connection marked all the key moments in my life.The soul always knows. Sometimes she has to scream very loudly to be heard.
I can say I heard it when I was very young one day when I was bending over my books for the end-of-year exams.
"I have to go to art school".
At the same time in my head and above me.
No possible mistakes, then I got up, went to my parents and I tell them to change the
registration for the following step of my studies which was set for a scientific path.
It was the same voice, the same perception when I decided to leave Italy despite a professional career.
When I went back painting in 2007 despite years of inactivity.
The soul does not care about any "mental logic" that we try to oppose it, age, our studies and so on.
We cross a step which brings to another level.

My first name, Gioia, means "Joy".
My Italian origins also recall joy ... and color, disorder, life that vibrates.
It is not a coincidence even if it took me a long time to recognize it.
My first name and my origins are there so that I can embody and radiate my soul on Earth.
And maybe connect to yours.

Gioia Albano

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