Gioia Albano

In my wood (2018) Sold

7.9x7.9 in ~ Painting, Acrylic


I introduce you here a small format from early 2018 : "In my wood"
I had to make a collection for a special exhibition of small sizes paintings, no more than 20 x 20 cm and square shape.
I wanted these five paintings be related between them.
In Chinese culture we find the classifications of elements in number of five.
They represent mainly states, modes of action, stages. Their connotation is huge.
In particular for "In my wood" I wanted in this phase of my life to draw strength, contact hot and hard at once, to inspire me from the roots of the trees that go down in the earth so that the tree may tend towards the sky ... it corresponds to my own desire to take root to be in constant contact with my own vital force
It is certainly also related to my closeness to nature as a source of inspiration and as a bridge between her and my human life
In this context "In my wood" is part of a relatively recent phase of my work where several elements integrate the backgrounds
The presence of trees is fundamental to recall the feeling of wood, the search for strength, the desire for definition
The presence of the same dark forest is reassuring even in times when one feels lost. It is a reminder for me to have faith in my research, to trust in spite of everything

Size is 20 cm by 20 on canvas board, a nice rigid support
I like the idea that we can choose to hang it or put it near us
I used solvent inks and acrylic for colors as well as felt pens and black pen. Certain outlines are relieved by what is called a relief.
It is protected by a gloss varnish.
He does not fear the light and does not need a particular maintenance, we just dust it off preferably with a soft feather duster

Medium: inks, acrylics, marker pens and final gloss varnish on canvas board around 3mm deep (nice and hard support)

Ready to hang right out of package
Signed and dated on the back
Coa is provided

PLEASE NOTE : all computer screens vary in color hue, saturation, brightness and contrast, therefore your painting may slightly not look exactly like it does on your screen.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Thank you!

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