Albano Gioia, italian artist born in Milan on the 20th of june 1973.
I'm born as an artist, even if my life wasn't always that straight about it. Today I live in south of France with my husband and three children. It's actually not that easy find time to do all, so I'm quite often working at night!
I always loved to paint women Sometimes They're exist just in my imagination sometimes inspired by a particular topic. Others times they're women that I actually met, even briefly.
As time goes on thanks to my personal experience I came to paint different aspects of maternity. Pregnancy but also life after giving birth and particularly the nurturing aspects of taking care of a child such as breastfeeding, co sleeping, baby wearing. You can call mine a motherhood art or parenthood art.
These are also my choice because I love to think that they'll help building persons that can be more close to their hearth and make this world a better place.